About me

In early 2013, I attended a 10 day Vipassana meditation course, and there was much talk of peace, something I have always been greatly concerned about. With newfound clarity, I began to give it a lot of thought. While I DO believe that if every person on the planet achieved inner peace, we might have a peaceful world, I think that a prerequisite for the inner peace I was starting to find was getting my basic needs met first. Wars tear apart the fabric of society and prevent those needs from being met for generations, which means that inner peace alone will not get rid of war.

I couldn’t help but think that doing away with the world’s standing armies and the people who stand to gain huge profits off warfare would be a great start towards a more peaceful world. In the days that followed, a clear strategy for gradually retiring all of the world’s armed forces began to develop in my mind. I hope you will join the global campaign to put pressure on each and every of the world’s governments to simultaneously dismantle each and every one of the world’s standing armies.


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