Why world peace?

Because there is no greater gift we can give our children and grandchildren.

The typical argument to have a standing army is because your neighbor has the same. But having large organized groups of armed men has not led to a peaceful society. It’s like everyone keeping a bomb in your home because there are bombs in the neighborhood and insist that you are safer for it. Let’s get these bombs out of our homes, all of them.

Because it’s possible, practical, and can benefit of almost everyone on the planet. Peace and military downsizing is:

  • Good for the environment. Far from their intention to protect, the world’s armed forces are some of the biggest polluters on the planet. They are responsible for huge amounts of carbon emissions, nuclear and depleted uranium contamination, superfunds sites, and many other environmental problems.
  • Good for the economy. Huge amounts of the worlds GDP goes to military spending. Militaries waste huge amounts of money. Even mercenaries who recieve huge salaries can safely outbid the army, due to its ineffeciency.
  • Good for art, cultural heritage and architectural treasures. War and military conquest have destroyed many of history’s greatest artworks.
  • Good for children. War is an everyday reality for millions of children. They are killed, disabled, left homeless, or orphaned by civil war, guerrilla insurgency, or ethnic cleansing. They become refugees or displaced persons, often separated from their families. Many die or suffer from starvation, malnutrition, or lack of medical care. Many children are traumatized by witnessing brutal deaths and by being surrounded by violence, fear and hardship. Let’s give future generations the greatest gift they can know – world peace!
  • Good for mental health. Mental and substance abuse disorders are prevalent among veterans.
  • Good for racial and gender equality. Genocide and systemic rape has often occured during wartime. Militaries have a poor record of prosecuting rapists within their ranks during peacetime as well.
  • Good for democracy. The military is the most important, most violent and most influential organization in the modern world. If people are to have more say in their lives, the military must be downsized. Historically, the military has been the greatest threat to freedom and democracy; for every revolution by liberals there have been five coup d’etats by a military or general.

Human kind can do so many more interesting things than fight! We can find adventure in nature, in poetry and song, and in making love, not war! Most people support the idea of peace, but few viable strategies are proposed for achieving it. That is the goal of this blog, to propose and highlight practical strategies that over the next decade, can make human wars obsolete.


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